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Marcus Aurelius: A Life | Frank McLynn

September 8, 2009

Marcus Aurelius: A Life

My review Marcus Aurelius: A Life, by Frank McLynn, ran today at PopMatters.

Last year, Richard and John: Kings at War turned me into a big Frank McLynn fan. It was my kind of book, a thick, engrossing look into history, an excellent narrative enhanced by a gift for characterization and a wonderful use of vocabulary. Marcus Aurelius isn’t as flashy or exciting as its predecessor, but it is just as engaging and enlightening. The subtitle of the book isn’t totally accurate. The book isn’t just about Marcus’s life but also the life of his most famous work, his Meditations, a collection of clear-headed philosophical maxims that had a profound effect on modern thought and continues to attract readers of all statures. The book is a great portrait of Roman culture and will definitely delight those with an interest in antiquity.

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