Michael Patrick Brady

Blurbed | You Are Here by Christopher Potter


The paperback edition of Christopher Potter’s is in stores now and if you flip to the second or third page of the book, you’ll find a short blurb taken from my review of the book at PopMatters. I really enjoyed this book; it’s a masterful exploration of the universe that manages to explain extraordinarily complicated concepts, both scientific and philosophical, in a way that makes sense. It’s nice to have my commentary on the book excerpted for the new edition, and I’m in some good company, with reviewers from The Guardian, NPR, New York Magazine, and The Boston Globe represented. If you’re at all interested in the origins of the universe, the inner workings of quantum mechanics, or the evolution of human philosophy into the modern scientific method, I strongly suggest you pick up You Are Here, it’s remarkably slim but packs in quite a bit of information.

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